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Uloapp Apartment Management Software provides a seamless and secure communication platform between the Residents, Trustees Employees and Maintenance Office.


Uloapp Apartment Management Software enables a centralized operation of your community with complete and secured resident data allowing you to manage and monitor typical resident matters with a single application.


Ulaopp shares your concerns about safety. Our functionality is secure to ensure complete protection of your data with the latest industry standard technology.

Manage Multiple Properties

Owning properties in different communities? Uloapp single sign-on allows our users seamless switch between partner communities to ensure you stay on top of your assets 24/7.

Accounting And Payments

Ulaopp integrated accounting system ensure compliance and transparency of all community related transactions. With industry leading enabled processes we ensure you know we your money come from and where it is being spend.

Customer Service

To ensure you remain a satisfied customer we deployed various support and interaction tools together with a committed and competent support team to ensure your customer experience is excellent.

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Community Data Management

Uloapp provides you the platform and tools to bring all residents together to build a happy community.

Vehicle Management

Uloapp provides platform to manage and montior your valuable personal assets from anywhere by instant click.

Community Billing & Accounting

Quick view and track your monthly bills and accounts with uloapp through notifications,Email and SMS.

Visitors and Staff

Easily schedule and track your visitors,guest,delivery and staffs through smart and effective security app.


Elegant cloud solution to booking facilties with leverage of instant online payment through a seamless process.

Service Request

A powerful enabler to provide solutions on request for smooth and hassle fee productivity.


Success Stories!!

A great success stories brings trust, transparency, re-order and increases productivity.

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