Uloapp is owned and powered by Aashvi Innovations Pvt Ltd.

Our Story !!!

"To Transform Standard of Living in Residential Societies."

We started our journey as a software development and bulks sms service company in 2017,where in a very short span of time we grew from 2 employees to 10 employees in Jamshedpur with some local brand and corporate clients,but being into digital space we often discusses about new ideas that can change people's day to day life and improve their standard of living , idea discussed on the way included eCommerce, food delivery,payment gateways,school management software,rental and aggregator service, but having information through communication with key customers we were not convinced as the reason being a tierII city and/or the competitors.

In this journey ,we would often meet Mr.Suresh Sonthalia (Former President - Singhbhum Chamber of Commerce & Industry) for lead generation and business opportunities.In one of the meetings,he discussed about his challenges of his society(Ashiana Gardens) and asked us to develop an app which could solve accounting and complaint problem for their society.

Uloapp is India's Trusted Cloud Housing Residential Management Application

Uloapp focus on transforming standard of living in societies digitally which used to be a manual and lengthy process. By providing widest choice, superior customer service, lowest prices and unmatched benefits

Uloapp is growing on a titanic scale with a considerable amount of new users joining/registering every day.


Why Uloapp??

Uloapp is a secure cloud services platform to bring efficiency into the workforce and deliver quality results to create a culture of happy living.

Technology has transformed the face of every industry by increasing productivity, efficiency and reducing cost. Need for paperless activities is a NEED, all we require is click and solutions at one place.

Rising Technological Innovations to bring efficiency

Customer being the integral part of business and technology as back bone .Therefore, day to day technology innovation is required because taste and preference of customer's are changing at a very rapid pace.


Being safe and secure has become a necessity in today’s fastest growing world. Safeguard of information, family, assets is very core to an individual and community. Now let’s move from insecure to secure arena to enjoy once living.

How Uloapp has become trusted platform for India’s Residential Housing Living?

With the speed growth and development, world and area around has provided every once an equal opportunity to grow and prosper but as customers being central part who looks for creditability, confidence and conviction to carry out operation or activity.

Therefore, being a believer that as a company we have created a product/service which has always moved toward transforming the lives of residential housing has itself provided a reason to believe and trust in us.

Having said that, here are few key pillars on which we believe customers has trusted us:


Good Customers Service is the life blood of any business. Since commencement we provided a delightful customer experience through on time product delivery, training and solutions. Secondly, we operated in cities /state were we provided customer service both online and offline which brought efficient service solutions right at the door step of our valuable customers. Uloapp is the first brand to bring profile code access to every residential users.