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For any housing society, security management is of utter importance and plays an supremely important role. They are the ones who ensures that every person, package OR vehicle entering the community is thoroughly checked and is authorized by a resident. Security is the major concern in any housing society.   

Role of Security Management

a.) Visitor Entry:- Approve your visitors through message pop-up. Get iVR calls through the NOW INTERCOM for missed notice on telephones. Hence ensuring there are no irregular individuals entering your housing society.

b.) Staff Entry:- Register your everyday staffs and Get notified on your phone when they enter your housing society. Our brilliant society application likewise consequently maintains attendance logs of your everyday staff which can be utilized for your records.

c.) Guest Entry:- Guest waiting at the society door for approval generally may get annoyed or displeased. Welcome your guest flawlessly by sending a request in advance to your security guard on the gate.  You can likewise pre-permit your taxis and food conveyance individual effectively from our application to avoid endorsement request notification.

d.) Parcels & Delivery At Gate:- Your parcels Or delivery packages will never disappear regardless of whether you are not at home. Inform your security to collect your delivery orders so you know your delivery is in safe hands and you can get it later from the gate.

e.) Appointing Genuine Security guard:-  Hiring of a good security guard is an asset for any housing society and the administration panel of Housing Society should guarantee they are appropriately checked and furnish the housing society with an examination report for the safety officer they recruit. The security office ought to be answerable for the checking of its staff. The housing society ought to confirm whether the security organization is working correctly and with a wellbeing permit. They ought to guarantee that the wellbeing organization and the structure the board panel themselves conduct a proper record verifications.


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