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Managing committee role is very important in a housing society as they need to take up to ensure that the society runs smoothly and the residents have a peaceful life. Let’s just have a quick discussion on the role & responsibilities of a managing committee.

  1. To monitor a track of expenses from every unit part, each month and to create receipts for every receiving bills.

  2. To monitor each non-payment and to take an action against the defaulters.

  3. To raise assets for the society. Internal assessment of the flat.

  4. To call a month to month conference of the board of trustees and conclude its minutes. 

  5. To decide the plan of the yearly gathering and to assemble Annual Conference in the recommended period.

  6. To put together an exceptional general body meeting as required. 

  7. To choose office carriers by forming the new board after election.

  8. To make arrangements for election for the formation of a new committee before expiring the term of the managing committee.

  9. It is important to take definite note of taking charge, handover of record with its detailed list of the record got in the minutes of the overseeing panel meeting. Along these lines the record in regards to precisely which documents got in whose belonging and on which date is accessible with the general public forever.

  10. To keep flawlessly the documents of individuals and society records. 

  11. To settle the budget summary of the society within 45 days toward the finish of the financial year. 

  12. To present society's record for Audit. 

  13. To take decisions as per provisions in bylaws and laws on the complaints received from the members.

  14. To give essential data to the individuals on the off chance that he reached society for selling off the flat and co-operate with him for selling according to arrangements in by-laws and laws.

  15. To take choice on the candidate in regards to letting off the flat and advise the equivalent to the concerned member within the recommended time limit.

  16. To settle on arrangements as essential for society.

  17. To make an important move for keeping the property of the society in order.  

  18. To take insurance policy of the property of the society. 

  19. To inspect the flat of the member internally by taking prior appointment for the purposes of leakage/structural audit etc.

  20. To start activity according to arrangement in law if the member makes obstruction in interior review.

  21. To authorize the amendments in laws, rules, bye-laws proposed by the government now and again with the endorsement of the general body meeting. 

  22. It is compulsory with respect to the government to give details of the bill/bifurcation and furthermore according to which goal/bye-law if the individuals request so.

  23. There is an arrangement in the sub-rule about how much maximum interest to be charged. Nonetheless, it is important to make a goal in the general body meeting about charging interest. 

  24. By doing underlying review of the structure, essential fixes ought to have been done with the approval of the general body meeting.

  25. On the off chance that the society doesn't have funds and if any member is ready to leakage work on his own cost, at that point to form the rules in such manner and take approval of the general body meeting for the equivalent. 


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