Ulo App


Uloapp focus on transforming standard of living in societies digitally which used to be manual and lengthy process. By providing widest choice, superior customer service, lowest prices and unmatched benefits. Uloapp is growing on a titanic scale with a considerable amount of users joining/registering every day. With the speed growth and development , world and area around has provided everyone with an equal opportunity to grow and prosper but as customer being central part who looks for credibility ,confidence and conviction to carry out operations and activity. Therefore as being a believer that as a company we have created a product/service  which has always moved toward transforming a life of residential housing has itself provided a reason to believe and trust in us. Good customers service is the life blood of any business. Since commencement we have provided a provided a delightful customer experience through on time product delivery, trainings and solution.

Uloapp is the first brand to bring profile code access to every residential users. Uloapp is India's Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform which leverages industry best solutions to help housing societies/ apartments/ residencies to automate data, bill, service request, facilities, accounts, visitors and other community processes. Uloapp cloud solution integrates various dimensions of managing a residential societies /estates such a managing Finances, managing data (of owners, facilities, documents etc) managing day to day operations and most importantly bringing the entire community together.

Uloapp Account Management Applications helps committee members/trustees and residencies achieve accurate cash forecasting, budgeting individual ledgers and seamless bank reconciliation. Uloapp enables committee members and residencies fo function save time, energy ,space and create social interaction.

Communication allows administration to digitally connect residencies. Uloapp solutions have a proven track record of delivering increased optional efficiency through accurate cash flow forecasting, optimised cash management  defaulters