Community Billing and Accounting

Ease and transparency creates good relationship.


Cloud Accounting

Automated Invoice Generation.

  • Raise and send multiple invoices.
  • Preview invoices before sending.
  • Set up recurring invoices to be sent out automatically on a given date every month.
  • Auto-calculation of late payment charges using multiple penalty options.
  • Schedule Defaulters Report to be sent to members every day/week.
  • Send In-App push notification/Email /SMS reminders for overdue invoices/payments.

Metered Reading Bills

Electric Energy, Gas Usage, or Water Consumption.

  • Setup and manage billing cycle and list of metered reading.
  • Gather meter readings for all flats/units, data input to the download format and upload plus raise invoices.
  • Combine metered amenities charges with other charges such as maintenance balance and raise single invoice against a unit/flat or bulk.
  • Integrated with the finance and accounting domain/heads to track payments and defaulters.
  • Supports integration with multiple meter reading software.

Payment Gateway Flexibility

A trusted and robust platform for daily operations.

  • On time and easy collection of payments from anywhere.
  • Auto update into software on successful or unsuccessful payment.
  • No manual intervention and data input and hence save time and energy.
  • Increase productivity and transparency.
  • Instant auto payment receipt generated and download through app.
  • Instant report generation with validations.

Levy and Income Set Up - We stand unique!!!

7 Wide Range of Cloud Maintenance Bill Calculative Method.

  • Levy stand for amount collected; taxes, charges, penalty, fine and others.
  • Setup includes list of levy, accounts and on behalf to be raised (Flat/Bungalow or All) and selection from buildings/towers/blocks.
  • Selection from 7 wide range of calculative method applicable for all. (Residential Complex, Cooperative Housing Societies, Builders, Property Agents, Residential Facility Management Companies and Others).
  • Calculate profit percentage on single clicks.
  • Activate /Deactivate levy heads as per usage.
  • Fully automated GST calculation accounting method highly trusted for Audit and recommended by CA or Accountant or Community Treasurer.

Expenses Monitoring

Tracking made simple and transparent!!!

  • Auto-categorization on large numbers of expenses.
  • Capture and restore receipts effortlessly for reference.
  • Multilevel expenses approval simplified to make process more reliable, secure and transparency.
  • Get instant categorisation between capital expenditure (Eg: Generators, machinery, furniture and fixtures etc.) and Revenue expenditure (Eg: Salary, Rent etc.).
  • Get instant categorisation between residencies and community expenses.
  • Set up community budget for various heads and tracking and instant report on savings ,over expenditure ,non-operating expenses and others).
  • Bulk upload of expenses input.
  • Quick view of expenses daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually.
  • Instant generation of expenses report.

Bookkeeping and Accounting Tools

Ensure accuracy, prove compliance, prepare easy.

  • Produce and send invoice.
  • Generate ledger flat/units wise, duplex/ bungalow and vendors.
  • Statement of accounts vendor and units wise.
  • Get instant view on opening balance of cash in hand and cash at bank or overdraft and closing.
  • Transaction recorded and adjusted through journal entry.
  • Independent auditor or accountant can audit/view transaction for validation of accounts.
  • Quick view on adjustments on various payments cash or no cash and others for transparency and tracking.
  • Maintain satisfactory records of the difference in balances as per the Cash Book and Pass book (Bank Statement).
  • Assigned admin authority can generate quick and reliable balance sheet.
  • Systematically download reports/pdf/print ,excel, csv file and others.


Dashboard + Reports to be on track.

  • Color-coded data interpretation.
  • Recent Activity Summary.
  • Income and Expenditure Report.
  • Accounts Aging Report.
  • Payments Collected Report.
  • List of Defaulters.
  • Accounting Reports (General Ledger, Trial Balance, Chart of Accounts).
  • Expense Report.
  • Invoice Details Report.
  • Report filtration.
  • Save, export or print financial reports for your accountant