Community Gate Visitors and Staff

Visitor Management is a unique and remarkable tool which provide security solution for gated community.

Visitor Authority (Residencies)

Planned Visitor and Security Personnel.

  • Residences (Owner, Tenant and Sub-users) Trustees and Managing Agents raise open request for visitors, guest, delivery etc.
  • Request raise through list of contact available on residence mobile.
  • Residence send request through QR code on Whatsapp or OTP on mobile message inbox for seamless communication.
  • Residencies can also schedule visitor /guest visit plan on daily, alternative and weekly visits.
  • Residences (Owner, Tenant and Sub-users) Trustees, and Managing Agents can smoothly raise request for multiple visitors for party, birthdays and marriage etc. in a very hassle free manner and monitor them.
  • Security Personnel need scan the QR CODE or enter OTP received to make successful entry of visitor/guests.
  • Security Personnel can scan visitors id’s if required for safety purpose.

Unplanned Visitor

  • A security personnel will have to input visitor necessary data with real time image in the app along with an advance tool to scan visitor id’s as well.
  • Raises the request to the concerned residencies for approval/deny by notification.
  • Once approved by the residencies visitor will receive an instant 6 digit OTP on recorded mobile number of visitor.
  • Security personnel instantly feed OTP on app to enter visitor successfully.
  • Again same OTP required to exist the community premises.
  • In some cases, security personnel can go back to manual process if no response received after certain time.

Community Staff Attendance

  • Validate profile code for entry and exit of Community, Contractual, and Residencies Staff and maintain records.
  • Residencies and Administration receives instant notification on app about entry/exit of staffs.
  • Once the Community, Contractual, Residencies Staff leaves his/her employment they can be disabled with profile code to track them at community gate.
  • Managing Agents can easy track staff on number of times they gave entered and existed premises in a day.
  • Generate instant report on attendance of community staff.

Residencies Tracking

  • By order from Community Leaders.
  • Security Personnel can track residences (Owner, Tenant and Sub Users) through there profile code or units/flats numbers.
  • During entry into the community, security personnel need to ask for profile code or units/flats numbers and validate them.
  • Security personnel can immediately view the name, unit’s details, role and image of the residencies and allow to enter premises.