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Benefits of Uloapp

Uloapp is India’s Trusted Apartment Management Software Application. Uloapp focus on transforming standard of living in societies digitally which used to be a manual and lengthy process. By providing widest choice, superior customer service, lowest prices and unmatched benefits
1. Flexible to set up and manage complaint.
2. Raise and monitor complaints about own flats and community .
3. Bifurcate service request on category and sub category.
4. Capture real time image of the complaint.
5. Complete, close and cancel complaint.
6. Real time chats on raised service request.
7. Generate comprehensive report on service request for all residencies and community with validations.
8. Full flexibility on the progress report of the complaint.
9. Instant auto-escalation feature of complaints that exceed SLA .
10.Provide service request review.
11. Notify residencies via SMS/email or app notifications.
12. Deployment through Website and App (Android and IOS).

Managing Agents
1. Set up service request category and sub category heads.
2. Assign multiple access to staff to work on service request; depending upon the need.
3. Set up working hours to solve complaint.
4. Assign complaint to community staff.
5. Real time chat response to the residencies on service request.
6. Fix up SLA policy for smooth functioning of the administration and community.
8. Create SLA escalation process as required.
9. Reopen Complaint.

10. Raise complaint on behalf of residencies.
11. Real time chat on raised service request.
12. Generate comprehensive report on service request for all residencies and community with validations.
13. Deployment through Website and App (Android and IOS).


Uloapp gives you the platform of Visitor Management Service. 


a.) Visitor Management System to make the premises more secured. Now and again, we accept, our house isn't in danger and don't give a great deal of consideration to security frameworks. However, security threats can emerge anytime, and the visitor management can help keep you and your friends and family protected and secure.

b.) Any apartment face difficulty in managing the visitor in a day. It tends to be hard for the security to check every guest, check their entrance and exits physically. The security needs to call the consider person to confirm the guest to give them access. It requires more exertion as well as isn't misdirection verification. Along these lines, it is imperative to have a computerized framework that can successfully follow guests to the gated loft. The product will make a database of guests that can be effortlessly alluded to if there should arise an occurrence of any issues or clashes.

c.) The visitor management is amazingly effective. It not just records the individual details of a guest, however it additionally keep tracks of entry and exit alongside the purpose behind the visit. These records can end up being extremely helpful for distinguishing any guest sometime in the not too distant future.



Uloapp gives you the platform of Vehicle Management Service. 


a) Societies generally monitor vehicles entering and leaving a network with RFID labels or stickers. This is both costly and incapable. Uloapp vehicle management features element utilizes a straightforward technique to monitor your vehicle's development all through the general public. The gatekeepers are prepared to sign in quantities of guests' vehicles. On the off chance that it is discovered that the guest has left in an inappropriate space, the watchman can easily enter the vehicle number to get the contact of guest or inhabitant and resolve the issue.

b) Vehicle Management system makes the task simpler via robotizing the system in this manner making the allocation of the parking spot to the guests', who consume the space for a shorter term, simple and smooth. Also, it helps in tracking the vehicle’s details and incoming and outgoing details.

c) Visitor management systems are the systems that help out people in keeping up records and data of the people who enter the area and moreover tracks the individuals who are the individuals from the working environment or organization. The principal reason that Visitor management systems were launched was to urge individuals out from the untidy and exhausting work.


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