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ULOAPP ensure a flawless complaint management in your society!

In the current age society size expands day by day and there should be appropriate administration. The individuals of the society faces few issues in their every day schedule related to the society like water issue, parking, lift and so on. On the off chance that society don't have property administrator, at that point it will be hard to deal with the issues or grumblings of the society individuals. Every society wants a smooth going complaint management feature that helps the society members to lounge & get it solved easily. The society management can illuminate all the grievances of their society members. Yet, society management doesn't have the management software then it will be troublesome and tedious, on the off chance that they are doing it physically. Also, they need to keep up all complaints or issues physically into the register. In the event that society management with the assistance of system software, it will be simple and easy to deal with all grumblings of the society members.

Technological Era! Believe it or not. A decent housing society management software can assist you with smoothing out the facility management tasks to a great deal.  ULOAPP is undeniable housing society management software that can smooth out the society management process executives much to your relief.

Complaint Management is one of the significant responsibilities for the housing society directors. What's more, obviously it's anything but a cake-stroll to deal with. Most importantly, enrolling all the complaint influxes properly up on them in successive request and according to need.

Nonetheless, with ULOAPP you can have confidence that the complaint management system in your society is going to be close to impeccable. ULOAPP is a housing society management software that deals with all the parts of housing society management with extreme conceivable flawlessness and perfection with the end goal that you can have confidence.

This feature in complaint management that helps society offices to isolate the grumblings brought up in agreement to their inclination, type and need, for instance Electricity, Maintenance. While it is advantageous for the organization in overseeing different types of complaints coming in, now and then at same purpose of time, for members too they fill in enrolling their objection under appropriate head with the end goal that it gets its due consideration in due time.

ULOAPP permits the organization to consequently allot one office-conveyor or staff for all the complaints raised under a specific assistance subject. This aides in two different ways, firstly the designation of the errands are more sorted out and furthermore, best individual for the idea of the assignment can be made capable to complete the undertaking.

ULOAPP has the component of auto-raising a complaint on the off chance that it has not been given consideration and reacted for set measure of time. This guarantee that in no conditions a single complaint raised into the application gets an opportunity of going unnoticed and non-reacted.


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