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Is society management software helpful ??

Are you looking for user friendly software/application for your  society.

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Uloapp provide a transformation from manual and lengthy process to technology to each and every individual in the society.

Earlier,If society office /maintenance office have to send any notice,news,messages to the resident holders ,the option was type on letter and paste it on society notice board.

If society maintenance bill has to be provided to the resident holders then it will be given to security or any office boy and he would distribute it by visiting the units or drop at the letter box .

If resident holders have to raise complaint,then they have to come down to maintenance office ,register complain on complaint register book and again if what an update about the complain then again make a call to the society office or directly visit it.

What can members benefit from society management system?

Society management software is always useful for the resident holders in many different ways .

Resident holders can make there dues pays from online and software auto update the payment made successful .resident holders can get there notification if any due or fine or penalty applied .

A resident holders having a property in some other cities can tracks there societies activities over mobile app itself. Even the resident holders can view the update from the tenant .

Help desk tool provide important contact details of locality or area or cities like police,ambulance, fire safety,doctors etc and resident holders can connect to them when necessary.

Even the resident holders or admin can share gallery with other resident holders .

Accounting software for everyone.

When the residents of society use residential apartment accounting software, they can handle accounting transactions without hassles.

Things like paying dues, generating account statements and payment receipts become a matter of few clicks.

For society associates or committee members, accounting software for housing society is the best platform to collect dues and manage accounts and finance. They get the ease of management. The committee members needn’t spend long hours in calculations and reconciliations.

As far as vendors or service providers are concerned, they can manage their respective accounts by accessing the accounting software.

They can manage the dues, outstanding payments, and receipts. The module gives account balances on a click and helps in reconciling the dues.

Just by looking at the reports, everyone gets the exact idea of accounting balances. It is the reason; accounting software is very popular nowadays. It can be installed and configured as per individual need.


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