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Managing Committee members are the one who plays an significant role in overseeing all the minor to biggest things in a housing society, as individuals from the Society trust them totally, they are given the charge to care for the welfare of the members who have chosen them for run the Society for their benefit.

Individuals should reasonably choose just those members to manage Committees in whom they have confidence, who they are certain will follow the provisions of bye-laws, who have clean money related foundations, are learned, dynamic and have the persistence to comprehend individuals' challenges.

Elected individuals are glad to be picked as Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer, however it is additionally significant for them to know about their duties. Accordingly, it is important that all office carriers should know their responsibilities and obligations according to their posts.


Roles of a Chairman:- 

1. To direct all the gatherings of the Managing Committee and General Body. He/She has the ability to direct the Secretary with respect to the plan to be followed. He/She can likewise deny any issue to be taken up in the gathering in the event that he/she feels that it will make issue in the gathering. 

2. The Chairman can assemble the General Body Conference if the Secretary of the Society is not well OR out of station OR not willing to attend due to some other issues, than the chairman can  assemble such a conference and set up the plan for the equivalent. 

3. The Chairman has the power to sign all the agreements with the outsider subsequent to confirming the genuineness of the agreement.

4. The Chairman will be one of the signatories for the activity of the financial balance of the Society alongside different individuals. 

5. To sign and endorse the minutes of the gathering. 


Roles of a Secretary:- 

1. To make a move against defaulters of the upkeep charges.

2. To give notification and draft plan of all gatherings of the General Body and the Managing Committee. To record the minutes of the General Body And Managing Committee gatherings and save them according to law.

3. To keep up account books, registers, and different records appropriately and keep them in his authority.. 

4. To accept and verify membership of new members. To check whether all required forms and documents are attached to the application.

Roles of a Treasurer :- 

1. To bifurcate the support charges according to the costs and financial plan arranged by the Society. To take the approval of the Managing Committee and individuals from the General Body before demanding charges to the members.

2. To deal with the ledgers of the Society, legal registers and different records if the Secretary neglects to do as such or if the Managing a board of trustees so chooses. 

3. To get ready, sign and issue checks to workers, contract based workers and specialist organizations. To keep up money and check installment vouchers date astute and properly marked. It is a typical duty of all individuals from the Managing Committee to go to the month to month Managing Committee Meeting and in the event that it is unimaginable to expect to go to the gathering because of any explanation, at that point give an application recorded as a hard copy and get it recognized by other approved individuals.


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